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For many people nothing beats riding a bicycle outdoors. There can, however, be many reasons why this is not always an option. You never need to miss a day of cycling with our Indoor Bike Trainer.Our Progressive resistance Indoor Bike Trainer transforms any bike instantly into a Stationary Bike. It is easy to set up and release, when you are ready to take it outside.

It can be intimidating to get on a bicycle, especially if it has been a while since you have ridden one. The easiest way to eliminate the fear is to ease into it by riding your bike indoors. YES you read right… INDOORS!

Our progressive résistance Indoor Bike Trainer transforms any bicycle into a stationary bike which will give you exactly the same experience of riding outdoors but with complete stability. During our Holiday special offer, you will be getting a riser and step stool completely free with the purchase of every indoor trainer.

For those of you still learning about changing your outdoor bike into an indoor cycle, a riser levels your front wheel so your bike is evened out (a trainer raises the rear wheel a bit to make it stationary). And the stool is just to help you get easily situated on your bike. Many of us bigger riders find mounting a bike without bending it forward a lot is kind of tricky, so with this super-rugged, stable stool you can easily get on and off your bike.

Indoor Trainer Bundle

This training stand can make your road bike into an exercise bike!
This trainer is the only Cyclops magnetic trainer with progressive resistance. The power band technology offers the widest resistance range-from easy spins to lung-burning climbs-without ever touching the unit.

This is the ideal solution for those who want to get back into cycling but don’t want to buy both an exercise bike and a road bike. This trainer lets you have both, and lets you ride at your rhythm.

Most trainers are not designed for internal gears, but Zize Bikes has worked with Cyclops to provide you a modification to allow you to easily mount your internally-geared bike into this trainer.★

$535.00 $400.00
  • Levels out front of bike when using a trainer
  • Accepts tire widths from 18mm to 2.5"
  • This step stool is very sturdy, the maximum capacity weight is 550 LB (250 Kg) ,and It is wide enough for both feet, stable enough that you don't have to worry that it will flip over on you
  • Free shipping in the continental US. There will be additional charges to ship elsewhere
  • If you are buying this bundle for someone who has a traditionally-geared bike, please let us know. We will make sure you get the right equipment for your recipient’s bike.