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Assembly was quick and simple--I was done in about 15 minutes. The frame is heavy duty and I look forward to a long life.

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Having a way to easily ride your bike indoors seems like a no-brainer. The problem has been finding the right trainer, and adapting it to our design’s characteristics. We are excited to introduce you to the CycleOps Mag Trainer, made in the USA

One of the challenges of finding a trainer that was simple to use was to find one that didn’t require you to change the axle in the rear wheel. Trainers traditionally require this, because they need to replace the aluminum axle found on most bikes with a strong steel axle so that it can hold you and your bike on the frame.

Our trainer is a perfect solution for the Zize Bikes rider. Because the internal hubs found on our Time of Your Life, A New Leaf, and 29er Max are made of steel, and because the quick-load cam locks the bike into place, it is truly as simple as positioning your bike on the trainer and moving a couple of knobs.

If you plan to use this trainer for a bike that is not manufactured by Zize Bikes, for your own safety please replace the axle with the one provided with the trainer.

Once you have installed the trainer axle on your bike, you can use it outside as well as inside. The purpose of the trainer axle is to make it stronger, so it’s fine to keep it for outside, too.

Weight Capacity
Another tough nut for us to figure out was weight capacity on the trainers. Most have a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds, which doesn’t take care of our customers’ needs. Once we started studying the trainer, though, we realized that really all the weight it carries is holding the bicycle in place, so the weight capacity is on the bike, not the trainer. And by using our incorporated steel axle, it’s already got the strength required to hold our heavy duty bike in place on the cams.

It’s true that super jocks might push the trainer beyond its capacity, but we’re counting on the practice of our customers to have a slightly more low-key way of approaching exercising. Most of our customers are not going to be standing on their pedals, doing 20 minute sprints, followed by 20 minutes spins, followed by another 20 minutes uphill. While you might ride for an hour (good for you!), I don’t think you’ll be pushing it that hard. And if you are, you will certainly quickly lose the weight to bring you into the manufacturer’s suggested weight capacity.

We are extending the warranty on our trainers to include riders up to 550 pounds,so you can rest assured that we mean it when we say that it can hold you.

The sturdy alloy frame includes asymmetrical rear leveling feet to ensure that you’re balanced on any surface.

The quick-load cam locks the bike into place. A locking ring on the non-drive side keeps your bike in place so you’re ready to ride without wobbles.

Simply adjust the 2” resistance roller against your tire. The trainer is designed so that as you increase pedal speed the resistance increases. Simply shift gears as you would on the road or a path.

This trainer works for both standard tires (26”) as well as our 29er tires.

This trainer does not work for the Yonder, as the axle space is not wide enough.  We are working on developing a trainer that can work on the Yonder, but to our knowledge, there is nothing on the market at this time.

If you’re looking for a fun way to pass the time on your indoor riding, we suggest Zwift. Visit them for a 30 day free pass to try out being social while on your trainer!



General Specs
Weight Capacity 550 pounds
Frame 16-gauge steel tubing
Color Black
Manufacturer Saris
Shipping Weight 20.7 pounds
Dimensions 17.9” X 13.4” X 10.4”

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Want to save 10% on your first order?

We'll send you a sweet 10% discount coupon you can use toward your purchase of any bike. (save between $250 and $665)