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Do you love the idea of biking, but aren’t overly confident that you have the strength you need to ride any distance?

Looking for something that’s easy to do and doesn’t exhaust you?

Safe but not boring?

That will consistently keep you active and healthy?  Relax, you’ve found it.

The Time of Your Life 2.0  E-bike is designed and built with the specific needs of big people in mind. It’s everything you’ve been asking for: strength, comfort, convenience, easy to use, and fun.  With its electric bike technology it takes an wonderful bike to the level of Super Bike!  The motor that conquers any hills, the battery that keeps on going, and the charger that gets it ready to do it again in nothing flat–that’s the joy of the Time of Your Life 2.0 E-bike.

The secret to the bike is the design of the frame, which is built with the pedals slightly advanced on the bike, allowing you to sit with your legs extended to a small degree. This riding position allows you to touch the ground when you stop, something that more traditional frames don’t permit. (With a traditional bike design, once you’ve stopped you need to either hop off the seat or tilt your bike to the side in order to touch the ground.)  With the Time of Your Life 2.0 it’s as simple as braking and then putting your feet down, with no need to hop off.  This is ideal for people with balance issues or for those of us who are a little less coordinated with our bodies’ movements.  It makes riding a bicycle super easy, especially if it’s new to you (or new again).

Another popular and important aspect of this bike is the riding position.  You are seated upright, with no pressure on your wrists.  This  slight difference in position can mean real relief for those who are uncomfortable with any wrist pressure, which is often found on traditional bicycle designs. It also just feels like a more natural position, seated as if you were on a chair.

Everyone wants to know about the seat, because who wants to get saddle sore? We use a super comfy saddle with multi-stage gel padding, as well as elastomer absorbers, which serve as shocks.  The result is a very comfortable ride on a saddle that looks not unlike those on other bikes.

Because this bike is really all about comfort, there are strong, weather-proof front and rear fenders, too.  You know, to keep you dry if you get caught riding in rain.   And the tires the go over are big, providing a steady ride. You really don’t have to worry about  anything.

The build of the Time of Your Life 2.0  is similar to our other Zize Bikes.  It has a custom chromoly steel frame and front fork, forged alloy shaft, and double bolted seat post. Its pedals are made with a forged alloy platform and a chromoly spindle, and are perfect to accommodate bigger riders. Wheels include spokes made of professional quality stainless steel; extra wide, double wall alloy rims; wide tires with high thread count, and inner tubes with Slime sealant which repeatedly seals punctures like magic!

The gears are enclosed in a hub, so you will no longer have problems with the chain falling off!  You can change gears in any position—while pedalling, while cruising, or from a complete stop—there’s nothing to coordinate here. These internal gears will make your every pedal cycle count. You’ll get to the top without getting too exhausted or out of breath!

To create the magic of the Time of Your Life E-Bike, we added a 750 watt* Bafang mid-drive motor as well as a 48 Volt, 17.5 Amp hour battery. Bafang has been creating complete systems for electric bicycles for more than 10 years. The motor on this bike is high-performing, lightweight, quiet, fast, hill-climbing, and well-engineered. Superior to hub motors, the mid drive motor kit feels just like a normal bike when pedaling since it can completely freewheel. Its position in the lower center of the bike helps balance the weight distribution. The motor includes pedal assist sensors (PAS), so you can choose the power level of motor assistance that you would like while pedaling. Also, you can always overpower your designated PAS level with your throttle in order to achieve your desired speed and power.

The battery included with this bike is a 48 volt battery with 17.5 Amp hours.  Think of volts as horsepower.  A 48 Volt battery is a seriously high voltage for an electric assist bike, which is often necessary, because we’re moving some serious cargo.  The Amp hours are  kind of like the fuel tank for your bike.  17.5 Amp hours provides plenty of reserve power to keep the bike going.

If you love to bike, relish comfort, and delight in moving your body with easy and joy,  the Time of Your Life 2.0  E-Bike is for you!

* In the past, we’ve sold this bike with a 1000 watt motor. The problem was that it was so strong that the bike was no longer classifiable as an e-bike. To remedy this, we have upgraded the controller of the 750 W motor to 1000W output. The shell still reads 750 W.

Additional information
  • Designed and built to carry 550 pounds
  • Front and rear mechanical disc brakes
  • 32 spoke, double-walled alloy rims with quick release double bolted seat post, made from forged alloy shaft for more durability
  • Available in silver.
  • Equipped with front and rear fenders
  • 1000 Watt mid-drive motor
  • 480 V, 17.5 Amp hour battery
  • 4 Amp battery charger, with a full charge in 4 to 5 hours

There is currently a 6 month wait list for the Time of Your Life 2.0

We strongly recommend that you choose to have your bike assembled by shops that are familiar with electric assist bicycles, and are happy to help you locate one. If you have further questions about this superior quality bike for heavy people, please contact us by clicking here.

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SIZESone size
MOTOR LOCATIONmid-drive, on crank
FRAMEMade of chromoly steel for strength & durability
BRAKESShimano hydraulic disc brakes
SEAT POSTForged alloy shaft, double bolted
SADDLEVelo saddle, Extra wide, highly padded, very comfortable
REAR HUBShimano 8 Speed internal hub
SPOKES36, 14 g stainless with brass nipple
RIMSExtra wide, double wall alloy
TIRESKenda, High thread count, durable all – purpose
TUBESSealed with Slime sealant which repeatedly seals punctures
PEDALSForged alloy platform with chromoly spindles
GRIPSVelo Grip
MOTORBafang, mid drive
BATTERY48V, 17.5 Amp hours
BATTERY CHARGER4 amps–full charge in 4 to 5 hours

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