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So worth it!

Bought this on the payment plan, and while it was slow going, it was so worth it. I love riding this bike around town, going to visit my buddies at the Veteran’s Center, and just reveling in playing like a kid again. And I call Joan every so often to keep her up to date on my adventures—it’s great to have someone who really cares about her customers and the products she sells.

Valued Customer
I’m relearning riding and loving it!

What had kept me away from riding was the fear of the bike not being a good fit, and at the rental shop, they didn't offer a bike for my build. Finding Zize Bikes and knowing that these bikes are specifically build for someone my size is something I so grateful for. I’m relearning riding and loving it!

Valued Customer
I'm riding, losing weight and getting my knees back in shape!

When I Googled "best bikes for heavier riders", Zize Bikes came up! I’m riding, losing weight, and getting my knees back in shape. God bless!

Valued Customer
A bike made just for me!

Google "best bike for big and tall woman" and you will get a metric ton of queries looking for help finding a bike. We are all "making do" with "hacks" of what's available to us. Cranking the seat up, fixing the flats and hoping nothing breaks. I want exercise that gives me joy. I'm done with taking it as a daily dose of nasty medicine. Biking for me has always been all about joyous freedom and exploration; the feeling I'm one step from flying. Thanks to Zize Bikes for allowing me to purchase a bike made just for me.

Valued Customer
Leaves me giddy!

The ability to ride a bike that actually accommodates who I am physically *right now* as opposed to who I *should be* leaves me giddy. Thank you Zize Bikes! I decided I need help to get healthy, and I've come to admit that I can't do this alone--I've tried. What made all the difference was risking to reach out to someone for help, and finding that they are actually willing to try. To research and develop as if my needs and my dollars actually matter. Joan and Zize Bikes, I am grateful!

Valued Customer
My knees are so happy!

I needed a Zize Bike because, due to various medical conditions, I couldn’t find a bike to accomodate my size (an awkward 550 pounds). Riding is helping me drop some weight, and my knees are so happy—no more stress caused by walking.

Valued Customer
So sweet to be biking again!

Riding my bike has been exactly what I needed to jumpstart my weight loss journey again. An injury had really slowed me down this past year and any type of exercise has been difficult. It’s so sweet to be biking again!

Valued Customer
The freedom of riding is beyond words!

The freedom one feels when riding a bike is beyond words! At the age of 52, it sends me back in time to my childhood and I remember racing bikes with my siblings and friends. We would pretend our bikes were horses, cars, or motocycles and the whole world opened up. Seeing people ride their bikes always puts a smile on my face. Zize bikes are a blessing to the larger size population! Zize has allowed the larger population to rejoice in the notion we can again ride a bike safely and comfortably all the while excercising. THANK YOU ZIZE And JOAN !

Valued Customer
I love riding!

There were no bikes locally that could hold my wieght. I am almost 400 lbs and need to lose the weight, so deciding to purchase a Zize Bike was a really wise decision for me. I love riding!

Valued Customer
My bike has been a lifesaver!

After having gastric bypass surgery, I was plateauing at 400 pounds. Getting on my new Zize Bike has a been a lifesaver, and the exercise has started the scales moving down again.

Valued Customer
This bike helps me achieve all my goals!

This bike is helping me achieve so many things I want for myself— losing weight, gaining confidence, and so much more.

Valued Customer
It's time to venture outdoors!

I wanted a bike to ride for exercise and to spend time riding with my friend. I have an indoor bike and it is time to venture outdoors!!! My new Time of Your Life is perfect!

Valued Customer
I love that I ride upright!

This is a wonderful bike. I love that I ride upright on the Time of Your Life. It prevents the numb hands I sometimes get with other bikes. It’s great to know I can stop and touch the ground without having to hop off the seat—it makes me feel a lot safer!

I've lost over a 100 pounds!

Buying a bike that was able to support me was a major step in getting more exercise and living a better life, plus it also helped me get to places without walking for taking a bus. I’ve lost over 100 pounds since I purchased my bike. This is a “user friendly” site, easy to understand and navigate.

Valued Customer
So happy I found this bike!

I love you! I used to be an avid bike rider 10 years ago and have wanted to get back to it. However, like you, I was too afraid that my current weight would collapse a regular bike and cause serious injury. I have been looking for a bike for large riders for some time now, and am so happy to have found one.

Valued Customer
I hope you know the impact you're making!

Thank you for your quick response time. I am really excited about my new bike as I have had to stop biking years ago because of my size. I am 21 years old and am currently a college student. I also play college football so size wasn’t seen as a bad thing but because of my size “fun” exercise wasn’t an option because I weigh 375 pounds and I have a 15 shoe size so rollerblading also wasn’t an option. I hope that you know the impact you are making in the fat community most companies don’t really care because the biggest target area isn’t larger people. Thank you again and I’m looking forward to my new bike.

Helping me get back in shape

I love riding because I want to be around for my wife and family for many years to come. Since moving to the US and becoming more sedentary my weight has crept up to a scary 480# and for me cycling is the only thing I can think to do, gyms are too uncomfortable at my size not to mention inconvenient to schedule and I need the low impact exercise that cycling is best for, your bikes are the best of very few options.

Valued Customer
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Are you ready to start exercising again?

Looking for something that’s easy to do and doesn’t exhaust you?

Safe but not boring?

That will consistently keep you active and healthy?  Relax, you’ve found it.


The Time of Your Life 3.0 e-bike is designed and built with the specific needs of big people in mind. It’s everything you’ve been asking for: strength, comfort, convenience, easy to use, and fun.

The secret is in the design of the frame, which is built with the pedals slightly advanced on the bike, allowing you to sit with your legs extended to a small degree. This riding position allows you to touch the ground when you stop, something that more traditional frames don’t permit. (With a traditional bike design, once you’ve stopped you need to either hop off the seat or tilt your bike to the side in order to touch the ground.)  With the Time of Your Life 3.0 e-bike, it’s as simple as braking and then putting your feet down, with no need to hop off.  This is ideal for people with balance issues or for those of us who are a little less coordinated with our bodies’ movements.  It makes riding a bicycle super easy, especially if it’s new to you (or new again).

Another popular and important aspect of this bike is the riding position.  You are seated upright, with no pressure on your wrists.  This slight difference in position can mean real relief for those who are uncomfortable with any wrist pressure, which is often found on traditional bicycle designs. It also just feels like a more natural position, seated as if you were on a chair.

Everyone wants to know about the seat, because who wants to get saddle sore? We use a super comfy saddle with multi-stage gel padding, as well as elastomer absorbers, which serve as shocks.  The result is a very comfortable ride on a saddle that looks like those on other bikes.

Because this bike is really all about comfort, there are strong, weather-proof front and rear fenders. They’ll be sure to keep you dry if you get caught riding in rain. The tires that these fenders cover are big, providing a steady ride.

The build of the Time of Your Life 3.0 e-bike  is similar to our other Zize Bikes.  It has a custom chromoly steel frame and front fork, forged alloy shaft, and double bolted seat post. Its pedals are made with a forged alloy platform and a chromoly spindle, and are perfect to accommodate bigger riders. Wheels include spokes made of professional quality stainless steel; extra wide, double wall alloy rims; wide tires with high thread count, and inner tubes with Slime sealant which repeatedly seals punctures like magic!

Our 8-speed internal gear system allows for plenty of range, is very simple to use, and requires zero maintenance.   The gears are enclosed in a hub, so you will no longer have problems with the chain falling off!  You can change gears in any position—while pedalling, while cruising, or from a complete stop—there’s nothing to coordinate here. These internal gears will make your every pedal cycle count and make your uphill rides energy efficient. You’ll get to the top without getting too exhausted or out of breath!

The Time of Your Life 3.0 e-bike is an ideal bike for anyone looking for easy and comfortable way to bike.

Additional information
  • Designed and built to carry 550 pounds
  • Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes
  • 36 spoke, double-walled alloy rims with quick release double bolted seat post, made from forged alloy shaft for more durability
  • Available in Blue.
  • Equipped with front and rear fenders
  • 750 Watt mid-drive motor
  • 480 V, 17.5 Amp hour battery
  • 4 Amp battery charger, with a full charge in 4 to 5 hours

Some assembly is required. Because we pre-build this bike to fit it with the e-bike components, it requires less assembly than our traditional bikes.  We believe that you can assemble this easily at home.    If you have further questions about this superior quality bike for heavy people, please contact us by clicking here.

Easy Financing


ZERO—that saucy number is what you could pay in interest when you finance your Zize Bikes with  Affirm

Zize Bikes has teamed up with Affirm so you can stick to your budget with monthly payments, getting peace of body, mind, and wallet.

Affirm is a financing alternative to credit cards and other credit products. They give you a real-time decision so you can purchase your Zize Bike  as soon as you’re ready!

  • Get as low as 0% APR for 6 months* when you finance your Zize Bike with Affirm.*
  • Get flexible monthly payments with bank transfer, check or debit card options.
  • No hidden fees—what you see at checkout is what you’ll pay.

Select “Affirm Monthly Payments” at checkout to finance your Zize Bikes purchase!

Financing based on advertised purchase price at 0% APR, paid over 6 months. Excludes tax fees, which are calculated at checkout. 

*0% APR financing over 6 months available to qualified applicants. Applicants who do not qualify will be evaluated for rates from 10-30% APR over 3, 6, or 12 months. For example, if you made a $1,000 purchase you might pay $166.67/mo over 6 months at 0% APR. A down payment may be required.

Continental US FREE for any bike purchase
Everywhere else Once you have made your selections at Zize Bikes, you can get an estimate of the cost of your international shipping fee. MyUS needs to identify the country it will be shipped to as well as the weight of the item shipped. Please click here for your estimate.
Please understand fee that this may vary based on the products you are having shipped. For example, e-bikes will have a minimum surcharge of $55.00.

PERSON HEIGHT 5’0″- 6’2″
SIZES Small, Large
INSEAM 26″ – 35″
MOTOR LOCATION mid-drive, on crank
FRAME Made of chromoly steel for strength & durability
FORK Chromoly
BRAKES Shimano hydraulic disc brakes
SEAT POST Forged alloy shaft, double bolted
SADDLE Extra wide, highly padded, very comfortable
REAR HUB Shimano 8 Speed internal hub
SPOKES 36, professional quality stainless steel
RIMS Extra wide, double wall alloy
TIRES High thread count, durable all – purpose 26 x 2.0″ Black/Black Wall 30TPI Wire Bead W/O Reflector Band
TUBES Slime Sealant included in the box with every purchase
PEDALS Forged alloy platform with chromoly spindles
GRIPS Velo Grip
MOTOR Bafang, mid drive
BATTERY 48V, 17.5 Amp hours
BATTERY CHARGER 4 amps–full charge in 4 to 5 hours

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