Plus Size Bikes for Heavy Riders
Over 300 lbs? 400 lbs? No problem!

We build the strongest bikes in the world for up to 550 lb riders


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Here are the key things to look for when choosing your bike.

ARE YOU A HEAVY RIDER, Ready for a Bike of your own?
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Here's what people say about Zize Bikes


"Thanks so much for offering bikes like this! I am so glad that you are providing these bicycles. My son, who the bike is for, is mentally challenged and he loves to ride his bike. Bikes were never big enough so we would go through lots of tires, rims, and frames. Again I thank you."

― J.L​​​​​​​.


"Buying a bike that was able to support me was a major step in getting more exercise and living a better life, plus it's also helped me get to places without walking or taking a bus. I've lost over 100 pounds since I purchased my bike."

― Aprille Morrison


“I just had my first ride on mine. The bike performed beautifully. And it was a thrill to be able to ride again after many years of not being able to. I can't properly express the degree of my gratitude to Joan and the community Zize serves.”

― Sean Gallagher

A New Leaf 2.0

A New Leaf 2.0

There is something about its rugged mountain bike look and outstanding riding experience that has made this bike our best seller for over ten years.  Favored by men under 50.
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Time of Your Life 2.0

Time of Your Life 2.0

The upright riding position and crank forward of this model makes it easy to get on and to ride.You can touch the ground while on the saddle, a real advantage for those with balance issues.  Favored by women and men over 50.
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29er Max 2.0

29er Max 2.0

The extra 3 inches in the wheels makes the bike feel more proportioned to tall riders.  Favored by tall riders.
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"Zize Bikes has made a huge impact on my life. Not only do I now ride my bike regularly, but I also feel self-confident and proud of who I am.”