joan and zize

Welcome to Zize Bikes, the home of the "Rolls Royce of Big Bicycles.”

Started in 2005, this store was created to fulfill a need discovered by Joan Denizot, the owner.  A big woman, Joan realized that nobody was making bikes that were safe for a person of her size. She decided that instead of just taking care of herself and having a bicycle custom built, she’d build a store where any person of size could find a strong bike.

What Joan discovered, after spending hundreds of hours researching, is that people just don't make bikes for those of us who weigh over 200 pounds. Okay, 225 if you're pushing it.

She also discovered that is is really quite dangerous for a person who weighs more than the bike is intended for. A bike is a piece of machinery, and if too much weight or pressure is put on the parts, things can break. Hopefully most breaks wont result in getting hurt, but the potential is definitely there for a catastrophic injury. YIKES!

Biking is one of the easiest, most fun, and least expensive exercises. Plus, its non-weight bearing, which means its much easier on your joints, which is very important for heavy people. Selecting the correct machine for you requires a thorough knowledge of bicycles, an understanding of what your physical characteristics are, and knowledge of the environment in which you plan to ride.

Expanding The Mission

Talking with her customers has always been a favorite part of Joan’s work.  She was distressed that so many of her customers expressed isolation and loneliness, and longed for connection.  They were hoping to find this companionship on their bikes which, while a great idea, seemed to skip a few steps.  She often hung up from a phone call feeling frustrated that so many heavy people really felt that they didn’t have much worth, as if the size of their body was an indication of the size of their heart.

In 2017, Joan realized it was time to expand the mission of Zize Bikes.  She wanted to share what she has learned about the power of loving and accepting yourself, so she created a sister company,  As You Are is all about helping people recognize how beautiful they are, no matter what their size.

Employing specific skills to assist individuals in their personal growth, this membership site offers support, tools, and community as a way of assisting people in evolving.  Because the status quo of most people seems to be “too much to do,” Joan designed the program so that people can take it at their own pace. A small monthly membership fee allows access to information that is updated every thirty days, with enough content so that people can work hard on it, or just review it and save it for when they’re ready.  It’s all about you, the customer, directing the intensity of their work, as well as their decisions on what to change about themselves, and what to keep. This program is not about massive change, it’s about choice and love.

After you’re done looking around Zize Bikes, we hope you’ll have a look at  We are here to help you celebrate yourself!