HLC Top2.3

The Zize Bikes and As You Are Healthy Living Challenge is specifically formulated to get people moving, to start conversations, to make new friends and to have fun in the process... and of course win some serious prizes.

The Grand Prize Winner will walk away with $1000 cash OR a Zize Bike.

A $50 dollar entry fee gets you daily motivation and support from our team as well as from your fellow participants. Support from others is a vital part in any lifestyle change and is often the thing many people lack, which can lead to discouragement and failure. With our Healthy Living Challenge (put HLCin bold) you will have the encouragement of ongoing moral support, creating the groundwork for your success.  You will also get exclusive access to a library of articles on eating plans and exercise programs,  Such as exercise plans for the extremely unfit, Pool exercises, walking and biking plans and more.  TEN WEEKS OF EDUCATION, SUPPORT, ENCOURAGEMENT, AND FUN!


How to Win?

This Challenge is exactly what the name implies Implies—it’s all about living a healthier life. Our winners will adopt a healthier lifestyle, etc (til the end of the highlighted area.) There is one grand prize of $1000 in Cash or a Zize Bike as well as other amazing prizes! 


Start Running in the Body you have Right Now”, a course offered by Jill Angie of Not Your Average Runner.

$98 value!

Membership to “The Brave Council” by Colleen O’Connor, where amazing single women gather, grow, and play.

“AWAKENING As You Are,” a class designed to assist students in learning to jump into life exactly at the size they are,” led by Joan Denizot of As You Are.

$1500 value.

Cookbooks filled with the most popular recipes from Jasmine Schmalhaus of “Your Dinner is Planned: Healthier eating, one dinner at a time.”

“Take Flight,” an online class that helps you identify your dreams and turn them into reality, taught by Jeannie Sullivan , Business Coach and Learning Strategist.

How to Join:

Change your life forever, by getting fit and healthy, make new friends and connections online

  1. Let’s start by collecting your challenge fee.  Please go to our online checkout page and pay your $50. 
  2. Enter online. 
  3. Send in your weigh-in, via video.
  4. Wait for our email confirming your entry and new hashtag.
  5. After the competition goes live you will be asked to do weekly progress reports online here.
  6. A prerequisite for entering this competition is to JOIN and be active on our Body Positive Support Group Facebook Page.  Separate prizes will be given to the most active participant on this page. 
  7. You also have to like the Zize Bikes Facebook Page and share it, as well as tag 3 people in the post that might be interested in joining in the competition.

Don't worry about remembering all the steps, we will guide you through it as you go along! You just focus on your progress and leave the rest to us! 

Various other smaller prizes are up for grabs so make sure you are as active on our page as possible.

  1. Criteria for choosing a winner:
    • Pounds shed
    • Cm loss/Inches lost
    • Biggest Improvement
    • Biggest Motivator (how many people did you get to join)
    • Biggest Contributor to the Facebook Page, posting photos/videos of your journey.
    • Biggest overall improvement.
    • Most Body Positive
    • Most Supportive of others
    • Most Consistent Effort

To be the grand prize winner you will have to have to have performed the best in all of the above categories. Most weight and cm's lost is by no means the only criteria we look at.