Bike Reviews
  1. one year ago

    I have enjoyed riding a bicycle all these years for many reasons. When I was a kid, riding made me feel independent and very grown up. Nowadays, riding makes me feel independent and like a kid again.

    Valued Customer

  2. one year ago

    I love riding bikes with my family. It’s such a fun, healthy way to bond!

    Valued Customer

  3. one year ago

    I have been an admirer of Zizes bikes since 2013 or so but I thought my body was too big to ride a mainstream store bike, and it was. I found Joan’s site through you tube. I immediately searched the site and to my dismay realized the bikes were cost prohibited for me and I was too heavy for the lowest one (at that time I weighed 396lbs, not something I’m proud of). I promised my self one day I would have a bike, but I really did not know how and felt very overwhelmed. It was like a dream I could not find my way out of. In 2014 my doctor suggested a program to me after I told her about my bike dream as we had begun to refer to it as, but I was scared. I began very slowly changing my life style in July 2015 I worked with a registered dietian through my pcp, through the process of changing my food and taking three and four minute walks in the house looping through different rooms. I began to see progress in a year’s time I lost 61 pounds and that is a lot to me especially having PCOS. I kept the goal of riding a bike first in my mind, and once I reached a weight of a bike within my price range I contacted Zize bikes and what I encounted made me weep silently on the phone as this lady who did not know me and never met me understood my dream, my fears, and dedication. I am forever grateful to Zize Bikes for giving me back a peice of myself. I still have a long way to go, and that is ok, because I am on my way.

    Valued Customer

  4. one year ago

    In my city of Cleveland , Oh they have so many places that you can’t see from your car. You have to be on a bike just to see all the wonder places and view the sights from your bike. I love traveling all the places a car can’t go and view the beautiful sights that my city has to offer!

    Valued Customer

  5. one year ago

    I really enjoy riding my new bike. I have 5 year old twins and love exploring the outdoors with them. Knowing that this bike has been built to safely hold my weight really allows me to relax and enjoy the ride!

    Valued Customer

  6. one year ago

    I am an obese woman with breast cancer. In fighting this cancer I’ve decided to put my health first. My Zize Bike is helping me get there, one stroke at a time.

    Valued Customer

  7. one year ago

    For me it’s the only way to go in order to get fit, be healthy, start losing weight.

    Valued Customer

  8. one year ago

    I really like the bike 🙂 Thanks so much for offering bikes like this!

    Valued Customer



Supersized Newsgirl:

Do you need a sturdy, stylish, and comfortable bike? The Supersized Newsgirl is a perfect pick! It is an industrial style bike built with all the important parts that work together to provide you with a fun, easy, and enjoyable riding experience.

This is the same bicycle as the Supersized Newsboy, but it comes with a unisex Step-Through frame that will allow you to get on the bike with ease.  It’s beautiful classic design with a sleek 17.5″ Frame and dual down tube bars will make you a head turner as you cycle around the neighborhood.

If you hate getting flat tires on the road, You will love the Supersized Newsgirl’s puncture proof tires and tubes. You will always be on the go without worrying about debris and other sharp objects that could damage your tires and disrupt your ride.

Equipped with three speeds, the Supersized Newsgirl will help you manage moderate rises and keep you pedaling steadily. The rear coaster brakes, front drum brake, and a precision sealed crank bearing set will also ensure a safer riding experience. These components will make sure that you stop in a timely and safe manner. The comfortable, ample-sized seat makes for a better riding experience. No more chaffing, no more pain, no more saddle sores! And if you love cycling at night, the reflectors on the front and back wheels will make you more visible to traffic coming in both directions.


  • Assembly required. We recommend using a bicycle shop.
  • Products from this manufacturer have an 8-week build time. You can expect your bike in approximately 9 weeks from date of order.
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*0% APR financing over 6 months available to qualified applicants. Applicants who do not qualify will be evaluated for rates from 10-30% APR over 3, 6, or 12 months. For example, if you made a $1,000 purchase you might pay $166.67/mo over 6 months at 0% APR. A down payment may be required.

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MSRP $1000
General Specs
Carrying Capacity 400 lbs
Person Height 5`5″ – 6`1″
Inseam 29″ – 34″
Frame Steel fully lugged
Tires Kevlar belted
Tubes Puncture resistant
Spokes 32, 11 gauge steel spokes
Brakes Front drum / Coaster rear
Rims Steel alloy with stainless spokes
Hub/Gears 3 Speed
Saddle Extra wide with springs
Seat Post Standard
Front Fork Steel
Pedals Oversized alloy
Fenders Black poly carbonate
Bicycle Weight 40 lbs
Shipping Weight 50 lbs
Brand Worksman Cycles
Category 5′ – 5′ 5″ 5′ 6″ – 6′ 1″ 5′ – 5′ 5″ 5′ 6″ – 6′ 1″