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The packaging was a bit rough, but the bike is AMAZING!!!! I'm a big tall guy , in the 300 club standing at about 6'5 and its perfect. Good job guys!!

Hubert Simmons
Zize Yonder

This bike is amazing. Much lighter and faster than I expected it to be, given the extra strength/weight capacity. Components are all top notch. The shifters work better than any bike I had when I was younger(Giant and Specialized), and although I was a bit winded climbing some small hills, it was much easier than I'd anticipated. The disc brakes are very smooth and effective. Customer service was a bit lacking, but the product is outstanding.

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Our new model is so different from our other bicycles we can’t wait to hear your reviews!

Like all of our custom-designed and built Zize Bikes, these have an extreme weight capacity, aircraft-quality chromoly steel frames, hydraulic disc brakes, double-bolted seat posts, and custom-built wheels.

Unlike the other bikes, though, the Yonder has been upgraded in a number of ways that has, to put it mildly, created a herculean bike that will have you making excuses all day long about why you just have to keep riding. So what’s new?

Hub Size
The hub is that mechanism in the center of the wheels on your bike. Hub size matters! Why, you ask? It’s about the job they do. The front hub is designed to enable the wheel to spin–pretty straight forward. The rear hub is a bit more complicated, as its role is to allow the wheel to turn freely and to transfer the force of pedaling directly to that rear wheel.

On A New Leaf 3.0, the Time of Your Life 3.0, and the 29er Max 2.0, the front hub is 100 mm, and the rear hub is 135 mm. On the Yonder, however, we’ve increased the width and substantially increased wheel strength and steering responsiveness. The front hub is 135 mm and the rear is 170 mm. These size increases mean a greater response to your input. These are strong hubs, built to take a Zize rider all day long.

One of the frequent requests we get for our bikes is for more space for your feet–the pedals often seem to be placed too closely together. In bike terminology, the stance width, where your feet rest on the pedals, is called the Q Factor. The typical solution for widening the Q Factor involves using pedal extenders, which, because of their tiny size, may not be the safest solution. (Most pedal extenders are pieces of steel that are screwed into the crank on one end and the pedal on the other, and are about ½ to 1” long.)

With the Yonder we’ve turned that methodology upside down. While our other amazing Zize Bikes have the larger of the standard bottom bracket widths of 73 mm, the Yonder has a 100 mm bottom bracket–which is over an inch bigger. This size increase makes a huge difference for the rider, because it is the steel bottom bracket itself that is 1.06” wider–not a couple of slips of steel that just make the pedals easier to use.

Okay, so, who cares about the Q Factor?  Actually, with your feet correctly placed, the wider Q Factor improves the pedaling bio-mechanics. It also distributes rider weight and torque over a wider area of the frame for increased strength and stability. And you just feel more comfortable. Those of us with bigger bodies have a wider stance, so it makes sense that we have a bigger Q Factor!

Our super-strong chromoly is showing up in bigger tubes on this bike. And with the wider rear hub, not only do you get the benefits of the bigger Q Factor, but you also get the benefits of that bigger build going all the way through the rear of the frame. This means, quite simply, more stability for you. Who wouldn’t love that?

Our three other Zize Bikes all have internal gears, which we love because they’re easy and fool proof. But some riders want more gears, and they want to ride harder and faster–enter the Yonder. With a 10-speed rear hub and an easy to use trigger shifter, a wide range or gears is easily available for wherever your ride takes you!

Along with the benefits above, our new Yonder frame allows us to specify wider tires that have more air volume than standard tires. These wider tires distribute the load of the bike and rider over a bigger area, giving better traction and comfort.

We put a small green dot level in wheel reflector which means our workmen 100% check the wheel quality in the assembly line.

These are the highlights of what’s changed. What always stays the same is our commitment to your safety, comfort and fun.

Additional information

On the order form, you will be asked to identify a shop where you would like your bike delivered. While it is not mandatory that you send it to a shop, professional assembly of your bicycle is required. If your bike is to be delivered directly to a bike shop, please be sure to make arrangements with the bike shop prior to ordering to avoid any confusion during bicycle delivery.

Your investment in this bike will be ensured and amplified by affiliation with a local bike professional.

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General Specs
Carrying Capacity 550 pounds
Height 5’8” and up
Inseam 31” to 36”
Frame Oversize, aircraft-quality Chromoly Tubes
Bottom Bracket 100 mm, providing a wider stance for bigger riders
Tires 26” x 3.0” WTB Ranger tires with tough grip, optimized to outperform in all environments
Inner Tubes Kenda
Front Hub Japanese-made Joytech 135 mm front hub
Rear Hub Japanese-made Joytech 170mm rear hub, 10 speeds
Rims double wide, aluminum rims
Spokes 36 Professional-quality stainless steel
Brakes Hydraulic Disc, providing superior stopping power
Rear Derailleur Shimano, wide range 1 x 10 Drivetrain
Chainring drop-stopper narrow/wide front chainring
Saddle Foming, designed for optimum riding form on the Yonder
Seat Post Double binder bolts in chromoly steel
Front Fork Olympic chromoly standard
Pedals Forged Alloy platform chromoly spindle
Color Silver
Manufacturer Zize Bikes
Bike Weight 53 pounds

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