The Government's Still Open Sale!

We’re beating the government savings 20 times. They’ve promised a 1% savings, we’re offering more than 20%–PLUS free shipping–on the amazing Zuma! Get ’em while we’ve got ’em

The Incredible Flying Machine!

Zize Bikes makes the world’s best electric assist bikes–the Incredible Flying Machines! Wide tires, a smooth ride, front wheel drive, 750 W motor–it’s a thrill.

We made it to the New York Times!

Super Sized Cycles is the feature story in a New York Times small business article. Check it out! Let us know what you think–stay with US builds or move to Taiwan?


SeatsTim here to talk a little about seats . Having the right seat is very important . A lot of the time people may think that bigger is better but this is not always the case . Sometimes if the seat is too big it can get in the way of the riders legs causing […]

New! Our "Zized!" Electric Bikes

Hi, it’s Joan. I am just so excited–we finally have our new electric bike available. It is so awesome–really, Tim is a bit of a genius. (Don’t tell him that, though–he can get a big head!) I’m copying the Press Release we sent out on it–we’re getting a phenomenal response. YES!! Electric bikes for heavy […]

Izip upgrade

Hi Tim here ,I have finished the first Izip upgrade and I an very pleased ! The bike came out very sturdy and is a blast to ride .The seat and seat post along with the seat post collar clamp have been changed as well as the handlebar stem. All of this stabilizes the top […]

Izip upgrade

Hi this is Tim the bike guru here . I have been playing with the I zip to add some sturdiness to it for you our customers. Some of these modifications include wider tires, stronger pedals, locking seat post clamp, stronger crank , stronger seat post and a stronger handlebar stem . Our first prototype […]

more on electric bikes

I’m on an electric bike role, and I want to tell you about the brand we carry. IZip electric bikes vary in the amounts of weight and height they are designed to support. You’ll find models that can handle up to 500 lbs, but you’ll want to check the specifications to make sure you select […]